Soffit & Fascia Repairs

By definition: The soffit is the “over-hang” part that usually goes from the wall on the house out to where the fascia board is. The fascia is the board that is attached to the roof truss ends and is where the gutter is attached.

It is common to see homes in the Tampa Bay area where there is damage to the soffit and fascia. Do your soffits and/or fascia boards need to be replaced? Fortunately for the homeowner, we do lots of this type exterior home repair work. We can handle any type soffit and/or fascia repairs you might need.

We also install new vinyl or aluminum vented soffit with new aluminum fascia to minimize the upkeep on your home. If the existing wood soffit/fascia is damaged, we will replace the wood and then wrap the fascia with aluminum and install vinyl or aluminum soffits. This way there will be no exposed wood when we are done. The less wood you have exposed to the harsh Florida sun, the less maintenance and repairs you have to spend money on in the future.

Give us a call. We’ll come out and inspect the damage and give you a written estimate for making the repairs or installing the new soffit and fascia.

The 411 on Soffit and Fascia

The most common cause of soffit and fascia being damaged on a home is water running onto the wood. This can happen from having a roof valley that is leaking out near the fascia board. Another common way that the wood is damaged in the soffit/fascia area is when there is a broken roof overhang shingle, which will permit water to run onto the soffit and fascia instead of into the gutter. This is quite common. A homeowner hires a teenager to clean out the gutters. He lifts up the shingles on the edge of the roof to get the material out of the gutter, and, breaks off the shingle tab in the process. Not good.

Should a house have damaged soffit and fascia boards, it can provide access to squirrels, opossums, raccoons or other animals to get into the attic. These animals may urinate and/or poop in the attic, have litters of young critters, may even chew on the wiring that may be in the attic, and certainly can be a health hazard.

No matter your selection of wood, vinyl or aluminum for your soffit and fascia needs, Farrell Home Services is ready to remove the old and install the new. Call us today for all your soffit and fascia needs – Farrell Home Services –727-845-8326



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